Complete waterless car wash and wax!

Go&Wax produces advanced technology car care products. Our goal is to give our effort on saving water. Help nature by using Go&Wax products.


Instructions for Waterless car wash

Before use, twist the spray nozzle to spray mode. Divide the vehicle visually into segments and clean one segment at a time. It is advisable to start cleaning from the top and move downward. Begin with the roof and leave the rims for last. Use a new clean side of the cloth for each detail. Spray the product lightly on the body detail of the car (it is not necessary to flood the surface with the product). If necessary, add more product.

Example: Spray the product on one door. Clean with the larger microfibre cloth and dry the cleaned surface with the smaller cloth. Then move on to the next detail, repeating the process until the vehicle is clean.

For best results

If a car is very dirty it is advisable to first rinse with water and only after apply Go&Wax® solution.

  1. Spray the product lightly on the body detail of the car.
  2. Clean the detail delicately with the larger microfibre cloth, moving from top to bottom and in one direction back and forth.
  3. Fold the smaller microfibre cloth as small as possible.
  4. Dry the detail with the smaller microfibre cloth.
  5. Use the other side of the cloth for cleaning the wheel rims.

Wash the dirty cloth in the washing machine or by hand after use. The cloth is reusable. The product in one set is enough to wash the exterior of a car up to five times. The product can also be used on the glass surfaces of the vehicle. Shake well before use.

The product contains no oil solvents, hazardous chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOC). It is not based on hazardous alkalis or silicates, contains no aerosol and is non-flammable. Contains (R)-p-mentha-1,8-diene. Keep out of reach of children. Store at temperatures from +1°C. The natural product should be used within two years of packaging. Shake well before use. For best results, clean your car out of direct sunlight


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